Planning ahead…. We are in the last few days of November headed into the December pre-Christmas rush. These next few weeks are either really busy for people like us, or, depending on Mother Nature very slow. It is a very chilly and VERY rainy day as I write this blog. There are still a few things we can and…
What a year! We are in the last throes of our first full year in business. It has been an unbelievable year. We are truly grateful for all of our clients, friends, suppliers and especially our families. I promised myself, you (I hope), my business partner and others I would write frequently and on topics current to the times….
I am often asked what my favourite plant is. I really have a hard time with that. It is sort of like asking a parent which child is their favourite…. I have all sorts of plants that I love and enjoy. Our own yard isn’t landscaped very well – as both my wife and I are plant collectors. It…
Good day! And a good day it is. I enjoy this time of year. I am very busy at school teaching about what I love. Spring is coming and to someone in the business that means it is about to be stupid crazy busy. People seem to be in better moods in the spring. I think that is natural….
Oh dear. I looked at the date and then realized I have been a total putz as far as keeping up with this. My apologies to me for this. I am sure anyone reading this has not even noticed the dates on the postings….. I am writing this post without access to the internet. I can’t remember the philosophy…
I teach a bunch of courses to Horticultural Apprentices and High School students through a dual-credit program. I love sharing information with people. I love teaching and I love learning….



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