Ice Melters And You (r landscape and plants)

Large stockpile of road salt.

This weather brings us the perfect conditions for ice. This is an awesome event if you’re planning on skating or playing hockey – not so good if you are off to get the groceries. Being a Canadian, having lived through a few winters I understand the need for ice melters.   De-icing material, salt, ice melter,….. … Read more

Summer Lawn Care

So one my pet peeves is lawn care. There are a number of landscape designers who hate lawns and call them a waste of resources. I am agnostic as far as lawns go. I have seen louses with large lawns that looked good and houses with no lawns that look good. Healthy lawns have some … Read more

The Lawn Bandits

Healthy Lawn

ban·dit /ˈbandit/ noun a robber or outlaw belonging to a gang and typically operating in an isolated or lawless area. “the bandit produced a weapon and demanded money” The bandit I am referring to are the ne’er-do-wells running around conning people into aerating their lawn. The weapon they use is “fear of loss” – your … Read more

Don’t be an April Fool

I just saw my first ad on Facebook referencing lawn fertilizer. It is far too early to fertilize your lawn. If one of the big box stores has fertilizer on sale, great, buy it and wait until late May to apply. Better yet go to a local garden centre and support a small business. They … Read more

December Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

December 2019 came in with a BANG! Many people in our business look at December as a time to relax and chill out but not us! We are hard at work planning for our biggest trade show – Landscape Ontario Congress! Plus we are getting our Christmas planters made up and installed. We have been … Read more

My November to-do list…..

Planning ahead…. We are in the last few days of November headed into the December pre-Christmas rush. These next few weeks are either really busy for people like us, or, depending on Mother Nature very slow. It is a very chilly and VERY rainy day as I write this blog. There are still a few … Read more

Winter is nigh….

What a year! We are in the last throes of our first full year in business. It has been an unbelievable year. We are truly grateful for all of our clients, friends, suppliers and especially our families. I promised myself, you (I hope), my business partner and others I would write frequently and on topics … Read more