December Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


December 2019 came in with a BANG!

Many people in our business look at December as a time to relax and chill out but not us! We are hard at work planning for our biggest trade show – Landscape Ontario Congress! Plus we are getting our Christmas planters made up and installed. We have been stalled on two jobs and are waiting to see if we will have a December thaw.

I have been struck by how many people are doing more and more outdoor decorating. I think it is awesome. I have a client that is absolutely a genius at decorating. She is always so apologetic when she does “stuff” in her garden. In all honest, that is wonderful. All we really do for them is take care of their lawns and tend the gardens. I enjoy seeing people working on their own gardens. Many of them think we judge their efforts and we most certainly do not!

We have just started working with business coach. This coach is helping us identify and define our “ideal” client and the focus f our business. My business partner (who is my son by the way) came up with an awesome start to our definition of “why” we are doing our business.

We want to get people to spend more time outside.

We can design outdoor areas for our clients to garden, work on hobbies or just play. I read TODAY that 72% of Canadian 10 year old children have no outdoor play time. I am assuming that is play time not at school. The other disturbing thing is those kids have a lower life expectancy than I do! That is frightening.

If we can get kids to play outside more by designing a landscape that incorporates natural outdoor play areas. If we can get kids to play more outside we may be able to lengthen their lives. We certainly will make their quality of life better.

We have a client right now that a little over a year told us he doesn’t go outside. It is common for us to now find him in his garden when we show up to do our work. That is fantastic.

Living here is southern Ontario we often think our air is polluted. In fact, the air we breathe IS polluted. We are downwind of a lot of the American industrial heartland as well as the Ontario industrial heartland.

Here is the kicker:

The outside air is better than the air in most of our offices and homes. That in itself is a disturbing thought. Getting outside is sooooo much better than being inside. DOING SOMETHING outside is better than sitting in front of a screen. I can’t wait to carry this message out further.

…………. We JUST started working with a business coach and so far it has been fascinating. Our coach, Sean, has given us a whole lot to think about and to work on. We had our first “official” meeting today and we are so excited. Sean is helping us determine who WE are in order for us to better communicate with you. Can’t wait to fill you in on how it is all going………………

As always, if you have any questions please contact us.

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